While the name Kistner Knives is likely new to you, Dee Kistner has been pursuing his passion for knife making and thrilling his customers for more than a decade. To truly appreciate the uniqueness of a Kistner knife you have to understand the heart and soul that goes into each and every knife, so here is a little of Dee’s background in his own words.


My name is Dee Kistner and I have been a knife maker since 2006. I have been involved in numerous trades throughout my working career. I worked my way through the ranks to lead a metal fabrication team in a custom car shop. As a Timber Framer of 8 years I rose into the role of Lead Joiner and later to be shop Foreman. I've been a rod buster carpenter and have polished concrete floors all over the nation.


In each job and with every trade I realized the absolute necessity for a sharp and reliable knife. As a boy, I was fascinated with the pocket knives my grandfather carried because he always had one in his jeans pocket. They dug out splinters, cut rope, fishing line, bags of chicken feed and the like. His knives sharpened pencils and occasionally whittled. NO matter the task, they were always at the ready and used hard like any other valuable tool. Those knives served him well but they also left a lifelong impression on me. In the years since then, I have studied the craft of knife making, taught myself through testing, trial and error and learned a great deal by listening to customer feedback. The end result is well crafted, aesthetically pleasing fixed blades coupled with sheaths that any working person, hunter and outdoorsman could rely on day after day, year after year. I have a wide variety of standard patterns that I work from and all of them use 1075 high carbon steel. I also enjoy the challenge of full custom knives to ensure my customer gets the working class knife they want.

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